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Iinspired ... and smile ... : The new fragrance signed F. Miller and P. Bertaux: Om, the symbol of the absolute, the eternal and sacred syllable, a perfume as a meditation. 

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"From the first inspiration, the fragrance unfolds with the softness of the shadow (of the half-closed eyes). D first, an opal breath, resulting from the resin of the Myrrh tree, lies on a carpet of clove leaf and patchouli. in this quiet smell, the crackle of a peppercorn and a wrinkled pepper gently brush against the skin / a caress ... so the spiral of a meditation incense fumes of sacred groves spread out around the body and mind. and when the halo energy arises. these are the tasty notes of flowers offering and the evocation of a soft vanilla black around us with an aura of comfort ecstatic. a smile emerges ... "Miller et Bertaux. A beautiful feminine woody gourmand, a meditation, a quest for the absolute.