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Fleur Nocturne 50ml

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«Fleur Nocturne» previously « Bleu de Chine d’ Isabey »

Fashioned for today’s tastes, an exciting perfume such as «Fleur Nocturne» will hopefully motivate a younger customer to rediscover luxury perfumery.  Unfortunately, many brands today offer perfumes of consumption, without substance but with strong marketing support.

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 In 1925, Julien Viard designed a perfume jewel in crystal for the Maison Isabey, which he named «Bleu de Chine».  The Maison Isabey then collaborated with Ludwig Moser, a master crystal designer in Karlsbad for the bottle creation.  These precious bottles were a deep amethyst color, adorned with motifs painted by hand.  Today, such novelties are considered to be artistic master pieces that are only found as rare models, one of which is on display at the Musée de la Parfumerie de Grasse in France.

 When Maison d’Isabey decided to produce a modern edition, they were unable to re-launch the fragrance under the original name, as it had already been taken by another company.  Nevertheless, the new edition with an exceptional fragrance and unique bottle decoration, will evoke the spirit of «Bleu de Chine d’Isabey».  The bottles are decorated using a complex lacquering process called sublimation, which grant the revival of the image, colors and relief effects originally envisioned by Julien Viard.

Olfactive Structure

 The top notes consisting of mandarin mixed with apricot blossom and white peach, immediately give the customer the gratification that they are in possession of an exceptional fragrance with precious ingredients.  The fragrance is then immersed in the rich jasmine, magnolia and gardenia heart, as very few fragrances are in existence with such high quality materials.  The perfect harmony between the warm base notes, vanilla and patchouli allow the fragrance to leave an elegant and deeply sensual trail behind.