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In order to respond to the growing needs for relaxation and well-being, Cellap Laboratoire integrated marine and plant components into a number of its products, the latter containing floral extracts as well as plant and essential oils. Phyto bio-complexes are used whenever they seem the best adapted and most efficient solution in terms of the desired outcome.
Cellap Laboratoire has also developed exceptional polyactive treatments by combining within the same formulation (and depending on the desired properties) active stabilised bio-integral cells with phyto bio-complexes. Benefitting from the amplifying synergy that these different active ingredients produce (Cyto + Phyto), these formulas potentiate the results obtained. Even today, Cellap Laboratoire is one of the few laboratories in the world to master both cyto (cellular) and phyto (plant) bio-complex technologies.

With- Cellcosmet for women and Cellmen for men, Cellap Laboratoire clearly distinguished itself from other cosmetic ranges by offering, for the first time in cosmetology, cellular skin care lines that respected:

- the skin’s physiological age
- the hormonal identity of male and female skin