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The first Téo Cabanel perfumes appear in Boufarik, Algeria, around 1893, created by a French doctor and chemist. His first creations were prestigious Colognes and quintessences for “extraits de mouchoirs”.
Growing success leads Cabanel to set up in Paris in 1908. Théodore Cabanel becomes the Duchess of Windsor's favourite perfumer and an elegant crowd rapidly adopts the Cabanel fragrances.
His only daughter chooses to follow in her father's footsteps in the true tradition of “Maître Parfumeur” continuing with the prestigious fragrances from the nineteen thirties till the end of the century.
True to the heritage of this great perfume family, Caroline Ilacqua, takes up, in 2003, the challenge of reviving these timeless fragrances.
Drawing on 150 Cabanel formulas, she plays a modern interpretation of the Cabanel olfactory symphony for a fresh version of the classical French perfume tradition.
Hand in hand with well known perfumer Jean-François Latty, she develops new fragrances allying quality, elegance and natural richness. Their style is true to the great French perfume tradition and will carry you into the world of subtle original scents.